• About the programme

    Being a parent is hugely rewarding role – but it can also be a challenging one. Whether you are a mum, dad, step-parent or grandparent, raising children can be the greatest joy in the world, but it’s not the easiest of jobs.

    Parenting Matters is a 16-hour course, tailored to meet the needs of today’s parents. On the course we work with parents to look at the issues that are important to them. Together, we explore strategies and approaches that can be used in the real world when parenting.

    All of our facilitators are parents themselves and have been on the Parenting Matters course; this is because we know that the best people to help parents are other parents. We all develop skills and expertise as we bring up our children. Our facilitators give parents the opportunity to share these skills, and learn from each other in a more focused way.

    Parents who participate in our Parenting Matters course also have the opportunity to become a Licensed Parenting Matters Facilitator or undergo training and support to run a parent support group in their local community.

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    Parenting Matters

    Stage 1


    Accredited by Glasgow Kelvin College, Parenting Matters is a 16 hour course (usually delivered over 8 weeks) for those who are in a parenting role. It aims to build the participants' confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to appreciate and develop their own style of parenting. It encourages parents to find time to care for themselves so they can better care for others, and to share and identify tools that they could use when parenting.

    Development Award

    Stage 2


    Accredited by the Institute of Leadership Management via the Social Enterprise Academy, the Development Award is a 24 hour intensive training experience. The course will support participants by:

    • Building their confidence when working with parents

    • Linking needs, feelings and behaviours

    • Recognising and accepting the emotional context when working with parents

    • Involving parents and families in leadership, decision-making and change through learning

    Endorsed Award

    Stage 3

    Certificated by Parent Network Scotland, this award is a blend of peer-led coaching, mentoring, delivery, and reflective practice carried out over a minimum of 16 hours.

    Participants are coached and mentored throughout the delivery of support groups, supported to build a portfolio of their learning, and given the option of undertaking an assessed presentation on their personal development. Those who complete their PNS Group Leader programme have the option to apply to Glasgow Kelvin College for a Community Achievement Award


    ⚠️Currently postponed due to Covid-19 Pandemic⚠️


    We are delighted to announce the launch of our new trauma-informed training programme, led by our lead on trauma training and ACEs toolkit delivery, Rachael Benson. While we know there is a lot of fabulous trauma-informed training out there, our staff looked at what we felt was a gap in training for practitioners - specifically related to how parents (and therefore families) are affected by trauma and the ripple effect that can have on communities. This is where our expertise came in!

    We developed a range of introductory sessions for practitioners which will help build their skills and confidence in working with families in a holistic way, through a trauma-informed lens. The training began in August 2019, with 5 fantastic morning sessions initially planned throughout Autumn at £25 per session.


    The sessions continue to be carried out by Rachael in our lovely office space at Robertson House*. We believe training should be affordable and accessible for all, and would also be able to offer bespoke training externally. To book a space on any of our sessions or to discuss bespoke training for your organisation, contact Rachael on 0141 353 5604 / rachaelb@pns.org.uk.


    *Rooms subject to change dependent on numbers


    ⚠️ Currently postponed due to Covid-19 Pandemic⚠️

    Having worked with parents for over 25 years we have developed a lot of knowledge around working with parents in an empowering way and we believe one of the best ways of supporting parents across Scotland is to share this knowledge with others.

    As well as delivering workshops and information sessions to other professionals or parents who want to take on more of a leadership role within their own community, we also run our 4 day ‘Parenting for ALL’ Practitioner Award.

    Accredited by the Institute of Leadership Management through the Social Enterprise Academy, our Practitioner Award is a four-day training that provides practitioners with the skills, knowledge and tools to work with groups of parents in an empowering way.

    With practitioners sharing their experiences participants will benefit greatly from the peer learning environment.

    Feedback from previous training;

    • “I learned how to develop my existing practise”

    • "I learned a lot about myself, my qualities and areas I can improve on”

    Please speak to us if you or your organisation is interested in our training for practitioners.

    We will be running our Effective Facilitation training and Development Award training in early 2020



    In August 2019 we launched our trauma-informed training, created and led by our Trauma Training & ACEs Toolkit Delivery Manager. Go to our events page under "Latest" to find out more about the training available or contact rachaelb@pns.org.uk.

  • ACEs

    ⚠️ Currently postponed due to Covid-19 Pandemic⚠️

    Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) refers to the experiences of children that have had a stressful or traumatising effect on their lives. Scotland is working hard to be the first "ACE Aware Nation", by providing research and training across a host of agencies and Local Authorities.

    At PNS, we are currently helping have a preventative and restorative approach to ACEs by running a groupwork programme with our parents. This 10 week toolkit provides parents with the support to delve into understanding their own ACEs, and in turn should help them mitigate the effects of these on their parenting and their children.


    Search for ACEs research from the Scottish Government online. You can also find details of our ongoing ACEs work, and our plans for the future to be at the forefront of tackling ACEs to better the lives of children in Scotland. across our social media pages, and note your interest through our general interest form (go to Registration and Referrals).


    We welcome self and agency referrals for any of our courses and groupwork programmes. Should you want to refer yourself, a family member, or friend, please in the first instance fill out our general interest form by copying and pasting the link below into your browser and completing.


    You can also leave a message at 0141 353 5604, though due to the current pandemic situation we do not know when we will be back in the office building. You can also find us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/parentnetworkscotland/ and Twitter - @pns2018.

    Similarly, if you are a professional looking to make a referral for a family or individual, or if you are interested in multi-agency partnership working then we would very much welcome contact through any of the above.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Membership

    ⚠️ Currently postponed due to Covid-19 Pandemic⚠️.

    Membership Terms and Conditions of Parent Network Scotland (PNS)

    Parent Network Scotland membership provides you with a wide range of benefits that will support you in your work with and for children, young people and their families.

    Members are required to adhere to the Vision and Values of PNS.

    The following sets out the terms and conditions for all members:

    • PNS membership is annual and runs from April to March.

    • Any members joining after 1st November will be given a pro rata rate for the remainder of that membership year.

    • All memberships are automatically renewed on the 1st of April each year.

    • It is the responsibility of members to advise if they wish to cancel their membership.

    • Any membership that has been renewed and subsequently cancelled cannot be refunded if cancelled after the 1st of September.

    • Members are responsible for informing us of changes to their contact information, mailing and address details.

    • Membership prices will be reviewed on an annual basis and any changes will be subject to approval from the PNS of Directors.

    • Members will be advised in advance of their renewal date if their annual membership fee increases.

    • Membership benefits can be subject to change throughout the membership year.

    • We reserve the right to cancel membership without refund if it is found that the actions of a member, or of an employee of a member organisation, may cause reputational damage to PNS.