• Meet the facilitators

    Christina Maguire



    Christina has worked as a facilitator for PNS for over 3 years. Prior to her time at PNS, Christina worked for many years in training and development, building people's capacity in a wide range of areas. Christina is a strong supporter of the unique approach that PNS has to offer, that is, that building strong relationships in all aspects of our life, is key to building capacity in our families and communities. Christina spends her free time attending live music events with her family and friends. Christina also enjoys getting out of the city and has recently took up sailing with her family.

    Steph Mayo



    From initially attending a life changing parenting group when her daughter was four years old in 1992, Steph has been involved on and off with PNS. Coming from a background in Social Work, Further Education, Higher Education and Community Education, Steph has been working with PNS as a sessional Facilitator for over 20 years. Working with parents in a range of settings from schools to community centres and in partnership with local organisations, she has been immensely inspired and heartened by the enthusiasm, courage, strength and resilience shown by parents, all too often, in the face of multiple personal and social challenges.

    Working as a member of the PNS training team over the last ten years, she has been privileged to work alongside groups of highly skilled, committed and passionate learners, and witnessing their personal and professional success has been greatly rewarding.

    Steph continues to work as a yoga teacher, drama facilitator, Reiki practitioner and community activist and values the opportunity to contribute to the crucial work of this organisation.




    Antonia Hannaway


    Antonia first started out with Parent Network Scotland when her little girl was one year old. She was struggling trying to find a balance; she didn't have any positive role models in her childhood, so she kept trying to be the "perfect parent", which was making her miserable. Antonia's time with PNS has totally changed her life and she has experienced things she never thought possible. She now wants to give other parents the experience she has had and see others shine.

    Aimee Ottroh


    Aimee has been a sessional worker with PNS since 2016, working with Black Ethnic Women. Her involvement with PNS as a parent and sessional facilitator has helped build her confidence and has given her the opportunity to complete her BA Honours in Community Development and her MSc. Aimee recently graduated from the University of Glasgow with MSc Adults Education which she is very passionate about. She believes that Adults Education brings personal transformation and social changes, and she loves being able to bring her knowledge to her role at PNS, helping other parents learn and thrive.

    Shona Gilmour


    This is a photo of Shona and her son Matthew around the time she started her PNS journey and she says she never imagined the opportunities it would open up for her. It was great to do something for herself after chemotherapy was done. She also particularly enjoyed meeting a great group of other mums. Shona says she never thought she would be running a successful group with another mum, and it's been an exciting and rewarding journey so far.

    Karin Tirevoll


    Karin has two children with Asperger's syndrome and ADHD. Based on this, she set up a parent support group to empower parents and provide support, as well as provide workshops and training opportunities for parents. This is how Karin became involved with Parent Network Scotland and is now a PNS sessional facilitator. Karin is also an MCR pathway mentor in secondary schools, where the focus is to provide mentoring to young people where there is a barrier to learning. She worked in adult mental health, based in the community for 20 years also, and this has given an overall in-depth knowledge of how family dynamics work, and the massive impact mental health issues have on children. Karin has a sincere passion about helping parents and families, and has extensive training and experience as well as being an advocate for parents.

    Karin loves DIY and cycling, although her physical health does not allow it, as well as travelling home to Norway or visit her favourite place - Salou

    Johanna Quinney


    Johanna is our Facilitator up in the Highlands and Moray, where she has lived for 21 years - the same amount of years she's been involved in Parent Network. Having moved to Scotland with three children and overwhelmed with parenting and a new home, she went on her first Parenting Matters course and hasn't looked back, after training as a facilitator two years after that. She now has five children, two still teenagers and three that have flown the nest.


    Her passion is to offer a listening ear, and the Parent Network tools to parents, knowing that the course served her so well, and she feels very honoured to walk that path with parents and catch the "aha" 'lightbulb' moments when a parent shifts their relationship with their child in a way that works better for them. She loves travelling, cycling to the beach, and connecting with friends and family.