• Wellbeing Toolkit 2020


    Covid 19 - Parent Network Scotland looking forward


    Below is information about our Wellbeing Toolkit.

    A invitation to come join us on a journey to a calm more joy and nurturing time with our children.

    March 2020 we all faced the most devastating pandemic that we had faced for many years. We were thrown into turmoil and in Parent Network Scotland we too were worried about our children our future, jobs and each other! We quickly rallied around and found creative ways to keep in touch with families and asked what we could do to help. Through our conversations stress and anxiety as well as the anxiety of our children were high on everyone's minds. Through these conversations and with input from our community facilitators we developed a program to help support each other. This has shown that once we can regulate our own stress we are in a prime position to support mour children's stress.

  • Ways to support our children using heart and head.


    This course has been developed with inspiration from Parent Network Scotland Tools and techniques The tools in this course complement Parent Network Scotland original tools by offering and encouraging parents to try new ways to promote wellbeing, health, nurture and respect in both themselves and their children. Using both heart and head this toolkit offers you new ways that will help you through the challenges of difficult emotions and to celebrate the joy of being a parent.

    This course is intended to help all parents/carers whatever the age of the children, culture, background or beliefs about parenting to try new tools to promote health and wellbeing.

    There are aims set for each session of the program. This enables parents/careers to break down to manageable chunks so as they don’t feel overwhelmed. We do however have overarching outcomes for the program and these are:



    •Acknowledge the impact of emotional flooding on parents and children.


    •Acknowledge the need for calm for parents and children.


    •Understand the importance of self-care.


    •Understand the importance of a balanced state.


    •Encourage the use of practices to create a balanced state and manage emotions.


    •Encourage parents to share wellbeing tools with their children.


    •Encourage closer relationships in families.


    •Encourage nurturing and healthy relationships.


    •Encourage respecting feelings and needs.


    •Promoting Health & Wellbeing with a holistic approach.






    The PNS Wellbeing Toolkit is designed to be delivered over eight one hour sessions (or to suit families) online at this moment.

    Agendas for each session are given which include ‘experiential learning’ where tools are practiced, feedback is given and tools to try at home and feedback is encouraged each session by facilitators modelling.


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