• Gayle Telfer Stevens



    Gayle Telfer Stevens is best known as Shieldinch’s razor sharp landlady Caitlin in River City and one half of the smash hit comedy duo THE Dolls. Gayle became involved in Parent Network Scotland in 2018 after reading about the work we do within communities to help parents and sharing the same passion that as parents we all need a bit of support every now and again. “Being a parent is the hardest job in the world, but the best, there is no other feeling than being a mammy but it’s also terrifying at times!”.
    Gayle is enthusiastic about making Scotland the best place for children to grow and within PNS we will do our best to make that happen. As an Ambassador for Parent Network Scotland Gayle will endeavor to share their stories, join in the fun and challenges for our communities and most importantly our parents. “We are only as good as the village we grow with, to parent together is to conquer the world. Us parents need each other, let’s grow!”