• Meet The Team

    Jackie Tolland

    Chief Executive Officer

    Jackie started her journey with PNS in 1994 where she was introduced to the programme working as a Community Development Worker in Drumchapel. As a fully trained facilitator and trainer, she knows the importance of family life and is a firm believer in building strong positive relationships and building confidence and skills for parents. Jackie’s background is in Community Development and she has had the experience of living and working in Glasgow, Northumberland and Brixton. A Winston Churchill Travelling Fellow, she is taking what she has learned to further her passion in reaching out to as many families as possible and helping them build powerful, positive relationships. Jackie likes to go walking, and can been seen breaking into a run every now and again!

    Lorna Mitchell    

    Management Team

    Lead on Core Programme & Core Training


    Lorna is part of our management team and is the lead for our core programme work as well as our core training including our effective facilitation training. Lorna is the longest-standing facilitator in the team and she puts this down to the unique approach we adopt, and the inspiration and admiration she has for parents who come on our courses, as she understands how much courage it takes at times to ask for help and be open to change. Lorna’s background is in group-work and she is a person-centred therapist. Lorna spends as much of her free time as possible with her two grown up sons, her gorgeous granddaughter and beautiful grandson.

    Susan McKellar


    Management Team

    Lead on College and Communities

    Susan is part of our management team and leads on our link to Glasgow Kelvin College, as well as engaging with communities while working with parents all over Scotland. Having joined the team over 4 years ago, she has helped parents set up legacy projects in their communities as well as delivering training to parents. Susan has also talked at events nationwide to promote working with parents and inclusion, to ensure brighter more positive futures for children with additional support needs. She is the mother of two boys, one of whom has a diagnosis of high functioning autism and ADHD, and over the years Susan has developed a strong knowledge of the education system and has been supporting other parents in similar situations access services and support for their children. When she is not jumping out of planes or dancing, Susan can be found with her family and friends going to gigs and enjoying the music of life.

    Rachael Benson

    Management Team

    Lead on Trauma Training & ACEs Toolkit


    Rachael is part of our management team, leading on our trauma training and the delivery of our ACEs work. She has come on board with Parent Network Scotland with over 9 years’ experience in the field of trauma work. With a wealth of knowledge in psychology, the effects of trauma, and training and facilitation, Rachael is supporting Parent Network Scotland to be a trauma informed workforce.

    “I have worked with lots of different types of people within the trauma field, and I feel very passionate about human connection being the basis of what makes life important. Very often the people I have supported have had a number of things happen in their lives, that make it more difficult or challenging at times to function and be at their best level of wellbeing. And very often, what I’ve found people need is just an open ear, a welcoming smile, and a safe space.

    Having become a mum for the first time to our beautiful baby girl last year, I am understanding more of what parents face and the effects of day to day things as well as acute events on our parenting. Attending the PNS Parenting Matters course as a parent gave me the safe space I needed to talk through feelings I didn’t even know I had about being a mum.”







    Annmarie Strain


    Core Facilitator


    "My first experience with PNS was in 2012, when I did the 'Getting on with Your Child' course, I loved it from start to finish and was already looking at ways where I could be involved with Parent Network Scotland more. I went on to complete other courses and in between having babies I was a parent link volunteer. I’ve been involved with many groups and stepped in to perform in ‘Our Journey So Far’.

    Since joining the team again in 2017, I have been involved in drama created by the Young Parents. I love using drama to explore and create. Our performance like the one before was fantastic and really shows what it is like for parents who come through our doors.

    I have been very busy in Barrhead, East Renfrewshire trying to engage with lots of parents and delivering our courses. So far, three groups of parents have successfully completed the Parenting Matters course with one of those groups still meeting every week. I have just recently started a course in Dunterlie, I spent a bit of time getting to know the parents, using Bookbug to connect and engage with the families.

    Since my background is in drama, I hope to bring more of it to Parent Network Scotland. I love being part of the team, every time I deliver a course I ‘fill my cup’" -Annmarie x

    Tracy R

    Core Facilitator

    Tracy joined our team as a facilitator in 2017 and she loves everything about working with parents and carers – she thinks it’s such a privilege to learn about family lives, and how unique and special each family is.


    With a background in homelessness, addictions, and gender-based violence work, Tracy is really passionate about engaging with people who feel isolated and unheard, and seeing them flourish and their lives change for the better. Tracy loves arts and crafts, food, bargain clothes shopping, and going off on wee travel adventures with her friends.