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    We are looking for regular donations to fund our work at PNS. Funds donated from the public go a long way in helping us to provide extra support to families across Scotland. For a regular donation of the cost of a fancy coffee or meal deal, you can help fund parenting support groups, fun days, and special events to those who may not receive support otherwise.

  • What We Do

    Why does PNS use a peer-led approach

    PNS uses an innovative combination of peer-led methods with parent group leaders receiving support and supervision through our network meetings. We also believe the peer to peer support:

    • Improves the scope and scale of help available to parents and families

    • Offers a greater credibility and influence with other parents in localcommunities

    • Builds community capacity and resilience through our parent networks

    • Improves parent facilitators’ confidence, qualifications, and employability

    What do parent group leaders do?

    PNS courses are led by local parents who have completed our extensive accredited training. Group leaders’ qualities and skills, backgrounds, experience, and status as parents are among the most important elements to engaging other parents:

    • Building trusting relationships so that parents feel encouraged, optimistic and well informed about PNS, particularly those with higher levels of need

    • Helping shape PNS’s course content and methods to reflect the individual and collective needs of parents and their children

    • Helping parents to develop individual goals for themselves, their children and family

    • Develop local family hubs to support families and reduce isolation

    What training and support do they get?

    PNS offers training and on-going support, including:

    • Introductory accredited 4 day Development Award, continued CPD and an offer of a community achievement award

    • Supervisor observation of parent group leader practice and course delivery

    • Continuing development sessions to exchange skills, reflect on practice, revisit and review course structures and organisation, and co-design new developments

    What do parents say about PNS group leaders?

    • They definitely know their stuff and have so much to offer.”

    • “ Lovely trainers, very upbeat and used their experiences to illustrate strategies really well”

    • “ Really helpful trainers, lovely and understanding…..I wouldn’t have stuck with the course if it wasn’t for the trainers.”

    • “ Absolutely fantastic at delivering the course, empathising with our situations and making us feel really comfortable with sharing our experiences and comments.”

    • “ They were amazing…..made me feel really relaxed and I was able to open up about a lot of things that I have not spoken about and talk about my emotions which I don’t normally do.”